Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Gambling laws have always been complex around the world, and it is not different in Canada. While land-based casinos have been legalized in the country, online gambling has not been fully legalized in the country. However, Canadian players still find their way to offshore gambling sites. This is because it is illegal to operate a web-based casino from the country but not illegal to play at an online casino. In spite of federal laws prohibiting online gambling, Canadian provinces and territories also have a chance to legalize specific gambling activities or impose more restrictive bans within their confines.

What Every player should know about Online Gambling in Canada.

As mentioned, online gambling is illegal, but players still play on offshore gambling sites. For this reason, there are a few things every Canadian player should seek to find out. First, while playing at a foreign casino, a licence from a renown gaming authority is essential. Various casino have been authorized by gaming authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) and UK Gambling Commission. Such bodies not only ensure the safety of the casino but ensure that there is fair gaming through individual testing of games. Additionally, they ensure that companies meet the policies governing data privacy.

Secondly, Canadian players should be aware of the gambling laws per province. Apart from federal laws, each province has specific gambling activities that are unique to it. For instance, some provinces may allow land-based casinos but prohibit sports betting or horse racing. In Quebec, Mohawk territory the Kahnawake Gaming commission is the legal body that ensures players' safety by issuing licences to online casinos. The commission ensures guaranteed payouts and fair gaming. So far, the commission has authority to issue two types of licences. The Client Provider Authorization(CPA) and the Interactive Gaming Licences(IGL) only issued to Mohawk owned companies.

How to find a Legitimate Casino in Canada.

Canada may not have web-based casinos operating from the country but hundreds of casinos accept Canadian players. Finding a legitimate casino therefore can be an uphill task. On these grounds, user experience and finding online reviews are among the best ways to determine whether a casino is legit. Reviews from other players give first-hand experience of how the casino renders customer service or whether the casino delays payouts. As a Canadian player, you can find hundreds of reviews online to guide you on which casinos to place real money bets. However, even after reading reviews, players should ensure that their casino of choice has the following:

  • Valid licence.
  • Flexible payment options

In addition to the listed requirements, players should seek casinos that have reliable customer service. A casino with a live chat option is a better option as it offers real time interaction with the staff. Nonetheless, this does not mean that casinos offering an email or phone calls as an alternative are bad. Players should also find a casino that has a variety of gaming options to choose from. The casino should offer an extensive list of slots, various table games and live gaming options. The games should be from reputable software and game providers and tested for fair gaming by independent entities.

In a Nutshell.

The road to legalizing online gambling sites to operate fully from Canada still remains murky. However, players have an advantage as they can access these services from foreign sites without any barrier. That being said, it is important to note that as a Canadian player, you face no legal risk by playing at an online casino. So far no citizen has faced any prosecution for online gambling. Moreover, winnings from offshore casinos are not taxable therefore, you can easily make a killing on these site. For online casinos owners, operating within Canada puts you in a like hood to face prosecution.